Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three Wheels and Sexy

I had previously considered the evolution of cars to be at a dead end because no one would change to another form of motoring because it would not have the power of a V8 engine or a great body design.

Here are two vehicles that seem to solve the compromise between power and sexy. They are elegant, economical and powerful  alternatives to traditional motoring.

 I reproduce these articles with thanks to 'The Kneeslider' and salute their efforts to promote vehicles that offer all the comfortable powerful benefits of a car and the economical excitement of a motorbike.

Three wheels and sexy :

Many people have envisioned an alternative to the traditional car and motorcycle, maybe either or both of these concepts will offer motorists an escape from the often mundane car or the danger of a motorbike. By combining all the positive attributes of both these vehicles they may also ease traffic congestion and conserve natural resources and give drivers a new travelling experience.

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