Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Art Deco Car - Car Art Future


This does not look odd, it's actually unusual not ugly.

Most modern car designs are ugly because the intelligent and artistic input is castrated by corporate limitations of human fatigue, occupational turnover and financial constraints,.

RR may be the only credible car company remaining that can foresee customer demand for a truly individual and creative motor vehicle.

It seems to be a company not concerned with profit margins, sales or publicity - it is elite and innovative.

True car enthusiasts can not abide with the corporate, multi-platform, contrived obsolescent , ugly, impractical art involved in the creation of beautiful motor vehicles.

This car brings forth our desire and adoration for beautiful body design that meets practical human needs.

** I think the average car as we know it will become obsolete - Rolls Royce may signify the industry's crowning glory.

** Rolls Royce would not permit my downloading of images so please use my link.