Friday, December 30, 2011

Polishing is an Art

Anyone can be a "Cowboy Car Cleaner" - and that is the operative word : Cleaner. I have been swinging a Buff around for over 20 years- And I can swing it like a Samuri Sword. Soooomany folks have thought - "yeah I can do that" - Bullshit. It's not a skill, it's an art.
Car Cleaners have ruined this business of detailing, especially in OZ. Too many Indian and Malaysian immigrants/imports/refugees have denigrated this occupation - and what is so annoying is that the public will go to them because of cheap price. I tell my enquiring potential customers that they are welcome to shop around for a cheaper price - but when you come back to me after some "cowboy" fucked your paintwork, I will double my original quote to you. **************** It's crap that some people neglect or abuse their car for 5 or so years and expect me to restore the paintwork for around 3 to 6 hundred dollars. I just tell them to fuck off and pay $5000 + for a new paint job......For christ's sake - my skill is dying with me when I die.