Sunday, January 8, 2012

Building your own Toy

I posted this comment in relation to a discussion on 'Linkedin' regarding building your own toy or buying it.

Here is the address of the discussion post :

............And here is one of my responses :

"Here in OZ, I blame the demise of the Quarter Acre Block of Land for most folks lack of experience or knowledge of cars and modifying and customising. Way back in the 50's, 60's and 70's each family was lucky enough to have a block of land large enough to fit a house, a double garage, a shed, a front and back yard, and enough room to drive a car down each side of the house into the back yard. It was there that kids played cricket and football and still had enough room to tinker on an abandoned car and learn about tools and bodies and paint and stuff and maybe eventually get the thing running - this eventually became their first car! Nowaday's we are cursed with the so-called McMansions on blocks half that size, with no side yard and hardly a backyard and a front yard that is only for show...............But, I will add that money is not always the best option. I have seen cars painted by hand with a paint brush (and then properly sanded and polished) that present better than a 20,000 dollar paint job. I have also enjoyed the enthusiasm of those who knew sweet-bugger-all about mechanics or bodywork but taught themselves out of pure necessity and lack of money, but they had a vision and a bucket load of ideas. And eventually they created a true masterpiece of motoring !"

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