Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mastery of the Craftsperson

"The craftsperson develops a knowledge about the work he does that bears its own fruit, the fruit of being present, or attentive.

The craftsperson learns that within the work he does is a jewel hiding beneath the surface.

The thrill of the craft is to discover the jewel. And that there is only one way to discover it: to practise the craft mindlessly. To become one with the work.

To polish and polish, as through with one's heart. That there is no way to know when the jewel will show itself, but to trust with all one's heart that one day when it is least expected, the jewel will be there! It will appear.

It is only through being there with one's work that the jewel will reveal itself, and that it is the work, and only the work, raised to the level of near perfection that connects the craftsperson to the universe."

: Ancient source unknown.

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