Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Not to wash your Car !

"Save money and give your car a professional car wash at home using a hose and two simple products."

This is the introduction on a Website titled How to wash a Car, with JJ Burkhart. The address of this site is: . If you are looking for information on how to wash your, please visit this site. I highly recommend you watch their promotional video; it shows everything you should NOT do when washing your car.

I will detail the misinformation from this alleged "Trusted information source" in order of its presentation:

1. Do not place equipment and materials on the duco. This only increases the risk of scratching, denting, or transferring contaminants. (where had that bucket been sitting?).

2. The car is not parked in the shade. It is a prestige car, a Cadillac, and is also black( a most difficult colour to maintain).

3. Too much detergent is used. This will streak or bleach the duco, especially in the sun!

4. Do not rub so hard with the wash mitt. This is only scratching the duco and taking off any wax that was previously on the surface.

5. Do not start from the top and soak the car with so much soap. The sun is baking those wonderful cleaning chemicals onto the duco.

6. Do not use the mesh side of the mitt to scrub headlight lenses and external mirrors. They are no longer made from scratch resistant glass, but normally, a plastic/perspex compound.

7. Do not dry with a cotton towel. Every rub or wipe is leaving scuffs or scratches. Loop pile cotton is notorious for absorbing contaminants. It is also rarely 100% pure cotton and usually is partly composed of nylon - even worse for causing scratches.

8. Do not use a second dry towel to rub a dry surface, it is just producing more blemishes.

9. Too much wax is applied and over too much area at once. A paste wax like that should be smeared on lightly and evenly. "Wax on, wax off" is a reference from the film The Karate Kid, it realates to the motion of the the arms and refers to the immediate removal of the wax. Leave it on for too long and the paste sticks to the duco like glue ( especially if the surface is not perfectly smooth).

10. Do not apply wax with a sponge applicator unless you are prepared to spend much time removing all the excess wax from under trims, badges, window seals and edges. (Have a close look at your car a few hours later and you will notice all the hard dried wax you missed removing).

11. Glass cleaner applied so liberally is not necessary. The car has already been washed, the glass should be fairly clean. (Try using a damp chamois and a flannelette cloth).

Finally - If you really want to know how to wash your car correctly please send an Email to Mark at or visit my web site to find my cell phone number, and call me personally.

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