Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Car invades the Motorcycle space

The Gordon Murray Design T25.

Gordon Murray Design just unveiled their T.25, a vehicle in the "city car" class, or, in other words, it's tiny, at least in comparison to other cars, it's just under 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, smaller than a Smart Car. The British car is powered by a 51 horsepower inline 3 cylinder engine mounted in the rear. The driver is front and center, 2 passengers sit behind. The front section tilts forward for access.

The diminutive size allows backing in to the curb, parking 3 cars in one parallel parking space, a U-turn is under 20 feet. It weighs 1212 pounds and gets 61.9 miles per gallon. This is definitely something that could scoot around in a city with ease and carry more people in less space on the road, easing congestion.

(taken from: 'The Kneeslider-Motorcycle News for Positive People'. 6/29/10)

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